Designer, writer & Multi-hyphenate creative

long story short:

I love to tell stories.

fun facts

I was born in Scotland, but moved to Texas when I was 8.

I've never not gotten out of an escape room before!

I am OBSESSED with cruising, so far I've been on five!

I love to experiment with fashion, and my closet typically reflects whatever shows and movies I am watching.


Rachel Amy Ritchie Rachel Amy Ritchie

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the short story

I'm a multi-hyphenate creative, proven problem solver, and team player in the digital communications, entertainment, and graphic design fields.

I am passionate about creative storytelling and helping people get to tell their stories via whatever medium best works.

I'm driven, resourceful, curious, and organized and love to challenge myself to making every single project I work on stand apart from the rest to make sure that my clients are getting the best and most custom work to best help them tell their own story.

the long story aka the prologue

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Ever since I was little, I have been constantly creating. It started with dances and magazines, and over the years turned into everything from screenwriting and recording music and videos to graphic design AKA I have always had passions in a variety of creative avenues and never wanted to restrict my creativity by "picking a niche." So instead, I use my versatility as a superpower to produce better work and be more creatively fulfilled.

From high school to college, I was able to be a part of 3 speciality programs (film, recording arts, and media communications), 6 honor societies, and many special opportunities that allowed me to hone my creative skills and build, as Full Sail University's MCBS Department calls it, a creative Swiss Army Knife. And thanks to my thirst for knowledge, which caused me to graduate both of my university programs as valedictorian with honors and awards, I continue to take initiative throughout my career to learn more to better my work throughout various online courses and certificate programs. Speaking of which...

Over my career (so far), I have had the chance to work on all kinds of aesthetics, projects, and deliverables ranging from creating content for social media or branding and logos to websites, decks, podcasts, clothing lines, and much, much more. As for types of work, I've worked with all kinds of clients including but not limited to: influencers, real estate, digital agencies, fitness coaches, finance companies, health/wellness, music, beauty, small businesses, film and tv, university programs, pet trainers, corporate, literary, and quite a few more.

I believe that the best design work combines strategy, storytelling, neuromarketing, and keeps both the brand and the audience engaged and I can't wait to help tell your story next.

What do i do?

An easier question might be, “what don’t I do?”

As a multi-hyphenate, I have a constantly evolving set of skills in a variety of programs, industries, and mediums. That means that I can flex and work on an array of things in the creative space dependent on my client’s needs and the purpose and story they are trying to tell.

Sometimes that is merch and packaging design, other times it’s helping them come up with campaign ideas, the list goes on and on.

But if you are looking for a list of what I can do, here are some of the most common services that I find myself doing...

Graphic Design for Social Media

Logo + Branding Design


House Key Logo Design

westchester. Life style. real estate.


Analog Clock Face

five more minutes


Presentation & Deck Design

Web Design

Corporate Design

Marketing + Internal Collateral

Booth Design

Infographic Creation

Video Editing


Film + TV Creation (YA/NA Focus)

Unscripted Format Dev.

Pitch Deck Design

Key Art Design



Graphic Designer (Contract)

The Vaya Group

October 2022 - PRESENT

Freelance Graphic Designer, Pitch Deck Creator & Web Designer

2021 - PRESENT

Chief Design Officer

Assist-Her Agency

January 2021 - September 2022

Design Consultant & Social Media Coordinator (Contract)

Miles High Productions

January 2022 - July 2022

Senior Graphic Designer


August 2021 - January 2022

Digital Content Creation & Management Intern

Cornerstone Creatives

June 2020 - September 2020

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Full Sail University

  • Recording Arts A.S.
  • Media Communications B.S.

University of Minnesota Certificate

  • Creative Problem Solving

Selfmade Program

Google Certificates

  • UI/UX
  • Project Management

Becca Luna Education

  • Wealthy Web Designer
  • Passive Passion Project
  • Design Your Day Rate Accelerator

Client love

Rachel, I had to voice memo because this is AMAZING! This is amazing! Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, like, I am blown away. And I could almost cry because I was like, “I don’t know how this is gonna turn out, I don’t know what this is going to look like.” Like this is, literally perfect! You did such an amazing job, you are a fucking ROCKSTAR! So first off, thank you. Thank you for doing the most and thinking of so many creative things, and like, how do I get all this merch?”

“*SCREAMS* I am so excited! I just got the mockup for our new rebranding of Full Circle Coaching and I am shooook! I am so excited. It’s perfect. It is PERFECT!”

Emilee Roughton

Full Circle Coaching

Work Performed as CDO of AHA

“I am amazed as to how quickly the two of you were able to turn around.”

“Rachel Strysik used her mastery of words to tell a beautiful story leveraging the bullets provided😊. And, Rachel Ritchie used her design wizardry to make things pop 😊.”

“This looks great. I think the new headers flow and help in succinctly articulating the narrative for each case study.”

Amit Patel

Mythos Group

"I asked Rachel to create a graphic logo and she was given a very vague idea by myself. However, Rachel took my idea and created not one but two brilliant results, one animated and one still graphic. Rachel asked some excellent questions to help her understand what I was looking for as well as the product it was meant to be used. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and thoroughness. The end result was beyond what I had envisioned. It is with zero hesitation that I would recommend Rachel for any creative project, and I will certainly contact in the future with my next project."

Jon Marc - Newberry

State Energy Solutions

Rachel was truly a rockstar intern that exceeded my expectations. She was always so organized and knew exactly where to find all the components for each project and how to prioritize projects based on her own understanding. She was in charge of my entire social media account (among other things) and I always remember how she would schedule all the post for the month and then remind me 2 weeks prior for updated content. She was always on top of her schedule and managed the entire social media project with very little help. She always provided me with outstanding graphics and with multiple grid options for me to choose from. There were multiple times when I came to Rachel with last minute projects and she always managed to pull them off, while still delivering high quality. At this moment, I knew Rachel was a team player and she was dedicated to her work. She always met the deadlines for her projects and whenever there was an issue, she offered solutions and suggestions on how to fix it and then she would fix it herself. She is a wonderful communicator and a skilled video editor who knows how to keep her audience’s attention. Overall, I would happily recommend Rachel in any creatives business that values a diligent worker who takes pride in her work.

Chryssy Abdool - Dalley

Cornerstone Creatives

As a student in the Media Communications BS online program at Full Sail University, Rachel was successful in this accelerated program. She exhibited strong content skills and the ability to articulate her process and product in each assignment and project. Rachel demonstrated her concept development, project planning, research, and using every aspect of media to create content. Each assignment delivered showcased her commitment to strive for excellence. Her academic skills coupled with her outstanding work ethic demonstrated her commitment to grow and learn. Rachel was a dedicated student, strong collaborator with other students, and exhibited academic success throughout each course. I highly recommend Rachel Ritchie, her leadership style and strive for excellence in education will make her successful.

Roxanne De Leon

Full Sail University

“Speaking of graphic design a few of you guys did reach out to ask who made our illustrations from yesterdays post and I give full credit to our head designer, Rachel. She is literally so amazing when it comes to graphic design and custom illustrations as well.”

- Gabrielle Tongol (AHA Owner)

Misc from AHA Clients + Owner